Anti-money Laundering
in Real Estate

Towards strengthening due diligence measures to prevent money laundering in the real estate sector in Spain and Portugal

A joint initiative by Transparency International Spain (TI-Spain) and Transparência e Integridade (TI-Portugal) aimed at identifying risk areas and the specific needs of the Real Estate sector regarding Anti-Money Laundering (AML) in Spain and Portugal

Why AML & Real Estate?

Spain and Portugal have been particularly vulnerable to Money Laundering through the Real Estate sector in recent years.

OECD’s 2016 report on tax fraud and money laundering vulnerabilities involving the Real Estate sector showed that Spain and Portugal have not yet established comprehensive and necessary measures to eradicate or lessen this problem and its link with corruption.

Beneficial owners and new transparency requirements of the beneficial owner or ultimate beneficiary (BOT)
Resident visas for multimillionaire investments (Golden Visas)
Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)
Up-to-date training and an adequate risk approach
Reporting systems and whistleblowing protection

To better identify the current specific needs of the Real Estate sector, we kindly ask you to answer our anonymous online survey

Please note that this questionnaire is meant to be answered only by the Real Estate companies and other obliged entities and not for the public in general

Regulatory Framework

AML Real Estate Checklist Assessment for Spain and Portugal